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Day 168 of My Captivity:

As well as watching the fascinating documentary about escaping from a prison camp, called 'The Great Escape,' I have found a veritable mine of the most wonderful tips and information buried deep in one of those unwatched satellite television channels that can only be broadcast by a publicly owned broadcaster because they have viewing figures that range from naught to several hundred and the programmes are usually too obscure or more likely contain 'sensitive' information that would cause problems if every Tom, Dick or Harry got hold of it.

Of course these satellite television channels without any viewers are usually funded by governments, taxpayers and religious groups or indeed some sort of fanatical crackpot institutions, well thinking about religious groups and governments usually are fanatical, and crackpot, and should be in institutions!

Anyway I digress, but it is always worth stopping to criticise something, I think, don't you?

The programme I was watching had been watched by one person so far and I know that because I checked the viewing figures for that week just in case I had to amend what I said in this bit of my Diary and it is obvious that the one person, was 'me,' isn't it nice to feel special! Well anyway the one viewer who viewed the programme on the rather forlorn channel enjoyed the program intensely so the broadcaster shouldn't be too downhearted.

The riveting programme was about yet another group of mainly British soldiers in the Second World War escaping from yet another collection of humourless guards, from a desperately bleak and forbidding castle, so usual story, but my goodness me, how interesting.