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Day 305 of My Captivity:

This morning I am happy to announce that the weather is cold but glorious; the sun is shining like a happy smiley maniac so it is all systems go for the balloon launch, once I have filled enough balloons for take off that is!

The balloon filling process is rather time consuming, and in addition to that, once the balloons are filled they seem to develop a mind of their own, even when tethered.

The Parrot thought it was his birthday I think and after I had spent a couple of hours filling around a hundred balloons the mental Macaw decided that it would be ever such a lot of fun to fly through the crowd of balloons and burst as many as he could with his beak.

Actually although the Parrot managed to achieve his aim, which obviously was to annoy me, the escapade backfired, after bursting the first dozen balloons his voice began to sound like a gas filled squeak, and in the end he sounded like the ridiculous cartoon character that his multicoloured feathers always remind me of.

When he realised that the joke was not working as planned he flew off and settled on his perch trying out his new squeaky voice and looked increasingly worried, as the squeakiness would go away.