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Day 277 of My Captivity:

I was listening to the radio today and waiting rather excitedly to see if any Gospel Choirs' music was being played when I heard something that I think can only be described as a racket, but was described by the DJ as R&B music.

Music? Never, the DJ said Moosick I was certain of that and he was right there, that is what it sounded like to me and we all know that Moosick is Cow Vomit don't we.

Not only has this R&B 'Moosick' got a quality to make you want to join the cows vomiting, it also has the wrong name, according to the History Channel documentary on Black music that I watched a while ago about R&B Music, which I understand is short for rhythm and blues music and doesn't sound anything like the rubbish that assaulted my furry ears today.

Or maybe what I heard today was RnB and the DJ was about to be sick himself and was making a dreadful racket in the background which I heard and thought that both sounds were coming from the same track, well that is just possible I suppose but likely? I don't think so! Well whatever noise or noises were responsible for the insult to the original R&B music it was dreadful but a worse insult was to suggest that it was the same sort of music as that classic stuff.

Unfortunately and as yet no one will allow me to put a sample of the Moosick that I heard today inside this Diary, which I have to say I personally think would be a pretty cool idea, like one of those Birthday or Christmas cards that play music when you open them, not I hasten to add that anyone has ever sent me a card for my Birthday or Christmas, no I am apparently not worth the postage, but I have seem them when others have opened them.