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Checking Out The Czech Republic - A Guide

There was, I hasten to add, nothing wrong with the flight in the aeroplane that I boarded at Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport and I didn't, unlike the unfortunate Mr. Štefánik, end up in a pile of twisted metal waiting for someone to name an airport after me which on reflection is something of a plus I suppose. Though who knows it might be rather nice to have an airport named after one, don't you agree?

No the main reason why the flight didn't live up to expectations was that is was too short. All in all about 600 miles too short as the crow flies and this aeroplane didn't, suffice to say we landed in Prague and a very disgruntled Cat got out.

There was another problem! Yes of course there was another problem at the moment I was beset with the darn things. It's true to say that I was at an airport and I could have, I believed, reasonably easily hopped on another aeroplane and been in England in about two hours, but my latest problem was that I had slipped into an open and very cosy looking holdall as the flight had become ever more uneventful and boring, just after take off actually. Then I'd fallen asleep even though I had promised myself that I would stay wide awake and as alert for as long as a tired and travel weary Cat can.

Sadly a tired and travel weary Cat has little or no ability to stay awake at all and 'wide awake' was completely out of the question, which is why I had dropped off listening to the engines purr.

Much to my alarm I had been woken up by someone picking up the holdall I had dropped off in and then not noticing that the holdall held all of the extra weight of a Cat, the person who was carrying the holdall carried it straight to a waiting car.

From the back seat I noticed that I was in Prague and I only knew that because a large sign on the boundary of the car park welcomed me. At that very moment in time I had no desire to be in Prague and therefore the welcome quite frankly seemed rather hollow to me.