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If you have come here by accident please don't leave because you are in for a real treat. You have arrived at the home page of my www - wickedly wonderful website.

I am The Cat by the way and if you like to laugh and have fun then this is the place for you!

It gives me great pleasure to say that this www - wickedly wonderful website of mine is really becoming a world that I can properly welcome you to. You may have noticed that my amazingly popular website has grown just a little and that is because now I have added my latest masterpiece of feline literature to it "The Cat's Travelogue."

If you let your mouse hover over the bit of the page above that looks more like a peeling bit of wallpaper and then click you will be whisked to a completely new section of my dual mode website and I know you are going to love it as much as you love the original. P.S. The mouse is the thing in your hand, if you are using a trackpad I admire you!

Here you can read a little from my wonderful book "The Cat's Travelogue," either using a sneak peek of the first 20 or so pages or indeed every day when we show first couple of paragraphs of a different excerpt from what has been described not only by me as 'a work of pure genius.'

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Unfortunately being light on funds with absolutely nothing in my non-existent pockets actually picking a destination to visit is completely and utterly out of the question. Of course I wanted to enjoy the plastic fun of Disneyland Paris and to discover just how much the French had corrupted the Disney message or the other way around and to enjoy un burger fromage or is that 'une' burger fromage I really have no idea et vous?

But I imagine the burger 'avec 'or 'sans' fromage was going to be just like Disneyland Paris, sadly was not on the menu and neither was the prospect of actually getting home, even though I knew that 'home' wasn't that far away, just across the English Channel. In fact I understand that Paris is actually closer to my home than Aberdeen!

But then like Paris, who in their right mind wants to go to Scotland, having said that I have nothing against Aberdeen honestly it has some of the nicest period sandstone buildings in the world, though what 'period' they are is a bit of a mystery to me.

All the same these period sandstone buildings are really nice and when the sun shines on them they look as though they are made of gold which I hasten to add they aren't.

Gosh I should watch what I say, I don't want to start a 'gold rush' of crazed humans charging up the M90 until the motorway runs out after a few miles, as most do in the UK, then driving on the A90 for hours, all the while discussing how they are going to break off house sized bits of the golden buildings and take them home to sell and retire to some tax haven somewhere warm on the proceeds.