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Egypt – Fly Tipping Capital Of The World

Flying from London to Egypt even in a crate is not uncomfortable because it is as they say in the airline business jargon "a short hop!"

It means that I experienced two 'short hops' today and neither was very nice. I was impressed by the speed of transferring from one aeroplane to the next, but that is about it, thank goodness they were mercifully short hops!

When I landed I was disappointed to discover that my destination had been Egypt! Why? Well I don't really know why I was disappointed, hang on, oh yes I do! Egypt is extraordinarily dirty and we'll get to that later as you can see from the title of this chapter. There is more to the disappointment of landing in Egypt than just the flies and filth, oh and the heat and the sand, as I said there is more...

Firstly I think that Egypt has had its day! Egypt's heyday was way back when the Pharaohs were installing central heating, hot tubs, fitted kitchens and everything else into their Pyramids, and the rest of the world was eating root and grass stew. In those days Egypt was really 'something' and I expect in those days if you were travelling somewhere and stopped in a truck stop with Egyptian number plates on your car you would get first class service, but let's face it even without the history gags, Egypt has faded somewhat since then. The only interesting thing about the place I can think of now is watching how far it can drop.

Oddly enough this bit was written before the popular uprising (honest) which brought down the current regime and the army have taken over, saying that they are only borrowing power for the moment and they will have elections so that some other clown can run the country into the ground in six months time.