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The Cat's Great Prize Giveaway!

Here is an offer you can't refuse and that may save you a lot of money!

If you make a donation of 1 USD or more using the 'Donate' button, conveniently placed below, you may win a prize and because this is The Cat giving away prizes we are not talking about some piece of plastic Doggie Doo Doo, oh no we are talking about a wonderful shiny iPod Touch!

Here is an example of how it all works:

  • If you are the 500th person to use the 'Donate' button consider yourself a lucky owner of one of the iPods I am giving away!
  • Every 50th person using the 'Donate' button will get a free personally signed electronic copy of my wonderful book, which if you are not feeling lucky you can buy in My Store!

By the way, making a purchase in My Store is another way you can join in this giveaway.

If you are feeling lucky, this wonderfully generous Cat will be giving more and more prizes away as you marvellous fans donate more and more.

So click below and you never know you could be very lucky indeed!

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