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Day 259 of My Captivity:

It apparently is Christmas Day. The Male Captor got power tools, (now they might come in handy if this plan fails) and the Female Captor got a new car (shame I can't drive). I got a toy mouse that someone had dipped in catnip, it smells like a teenager on a first date, I have to say I don't like it, but somehow I am strangely drawn to it.

There seem to be literally hundreds of Humans here at the moment, some are in the front room watching Christmas Morning Television, which is a new low in the annals of broadcasting history, there is some idiot in a dreadful jumper with a 'wonderful' sense of humour and equally 'wonderful' sense of his own importance scuffing around a hospital reminding people that they are not at home for Christmas, as if they didn't know or something!

There is a big team of people in the kitchen bumping into each other with hot saucepans and generally getting on each other's nerves, and finally everywhere there is a posse of loud children, who it seems took several seconds to open their Christmas presents, break them and then move on to taking the house apart.

Of course the Dog is in his element with all of the little hooligans and is running around with them and after them at full steam barking and adding to the mayhem by knocking over the heavier objects that the children couldn't manage on their own!

Is it me, or do people change on Christmas Day? Everyone seems to be nicer and more ready to have fun, things that would normally make people angry seem to just wash over them, I wonder why?