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Day 361 of My Captivity:

Just my luck! It would be a Leap Year, what a stupid name for a year that contains things like an extra day and the soppy summer Olympics? I ask you who is interested in seeing a lot of over developed muscular Humans messing about in various states of undress.

Still having said that in the summer I watched the ladies' Marathon on the television and had to smile at the competitors, they looked very hot and bothered and were dropping like flies.

It goes almost without saying, the great white hope belonging to the British team gave up and retired not more than half way around, how embarrassing is that, but you have to remember that they don't give you any large cash prizes for winning an Olympic event, just a gold medal and that is probably plated, so I quite understood why the 'wonderful' British lady athlete gave up, she could save her strength and make a pile of cash at the next paying Marathon and what is more the press and PR interest for a 'come back' Marathon would be vast, probably upping her 'appearance' money, she couldn't miss could she?

My working out is still working and I have an idea to register to compete in one of those Marathons with the cash prizes, after all I have one advantage against all of the other competitors already don't I, I have an extra pair of legs and that must shorten my odds of winning some serious dosh!