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Day 138 of My Captivity:

You would think after yesterday's little misadventure (I like that word for some reason) that I would choose to have a quiet day and that is what I planned, spending most of the morning so far away from the front door that I couldn't hear the doorbell ringing even if it was being rung by an army of deliverymen delivering vast amounts of lethal hardware.

Until lunchtime I slept on the work surface in the utility room, in spite of the fact that my teeth were being rattled by the combined efforts of the washing machine and the tumble dryer, very distracting and very annoying all at the same time.

However I was content to sit it out and hide from the prospect of most of the arms from the next war being delivered here. Imagine then my horror when the doorbell went and I could hear it, even above the noise of an unbalanced load of washing being spun to extinction below me.

The Dog, as usual was doing his 'I'm a foaming at the mouth Guard Dog, make my day and break in' act at the front door, just when I wished that he would choke on his tongue and be quiet frankly. To my way of thinking it meant that the delivery man might just leave the parcel of death on the doorstep for the Captors to find when they came home and that would never do.

In the end and much to my eternal relief the idiot Dog went quiet, but as you will probably know, there is quiet and then there is 'too quiet' and Dimbo the Dog had definitely gone 'too quiet,' yes it may have been my guilty conscience working overtime to jump to the wrong conclusions, but I believed that something was not as it should be, and that made me worry even more.