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Day 103 of My Captivity:

IRA! I have been confused, I thought that when I heard the letters IRA most nights on the television they meant 'I'm Really Angry,' well they were always used when reports of shootings of innocents, record breaking bank robberies, bombings, assassinations and other really bad things were happening. I had no idea it was a freedom fighter movement.

Correct me if I am wrong but aren't freedom fighters supposed to be heroes who are trying to liberate an oppressed people? And again correct me if I have completely the wrong end of the stick, but these people are fighting the British? Now if they were fighting some sort of fundamentalist state I could sympathise with them but really the British! I ask you? Just how oppressive are they? They eat scones for goodness sake!

Take a typical British person and then nearly bump into one of them in the street and you will find that even though neither of you made contact the British person will still say 'sorry' and mean it! Doesn't sound like the average Briton is capable of being an oppressor does it? And what is more, any nation that has tea with little 'fairy' cakes and Muffins can hardly be 'fundamentalist' can they?

So what is the IRA fighting for? Well, I have heard that there have been 'troubles' in the island of Ireland for hundreds of years and that everyone and his Dog has just recently renounced violence and yet the IRA keep on keeping on, as they say in parts of New York and Chicago where large amounts of cash has over the years been raised for 'the cause.'

Of course 'the cause' is a sort of shorthand for weapons and explosives, but doesn't it sound better than saying 'give money for weapons and explosives,' to say giving money for the cause,' It is a shame 'the effect' of 'the cause' is so devastating to the people of Ireland and Britain where 'the cause's' effect is shattered buildings and broken people.