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Turin - Home Of The Italian Motor Industry

After Milan Turin was quite a disappointment really the Hotel was desperately overcrowded and somehow that fact made sleeping in the broom cupboard a little more bearable. Well I say sleeping, chance would have been a fine thing, it was almost too hot to sleep, the key word here being 'almost!'

I do truly believe that I would have been fast asleep in the broom cupboard in spite of the heat, if it hadn't been for the traffic down in the street below.

There actually wasn't much in the way of traffic, you don't get much traffic in Turin, home of the Italian Motor industry, at three in the morning, but the traffic that you do get is of the type that has the soft roof down and the car stereo blaring out loudly. To make that worse, if it can be made worse, usually the loud 'music' if that is the right word for the nauseating sound, is rap music and everyone should hate rap music because it's really exceptionally awful.

So there I was lying in the dark broom cupboard bouncing to the power of the bass of latest four wheeled broadcast system just wishing that I had a Grenade, because I would like to tie a short note to it and lob it into the car below, let it land in the ignorant driver's lap, and hope that he had enough time to read the note before the very big bang.

What would the note say? Well let's just say that it wouldn't be a line from the Abba hit - 'Thank you for the Music!" I think it would be more likely to be an expletive from a rap song - "F**k you!" comes to mind.

At around 6.00 am the noise in the street faded as the idiot in the motor home of appalling music went home to get his breakfast, cooked by his Mum I imagined, but then for all of the 'disturbed' guests in the hotel, and I use the word 'disturbed' advisedly here. It was too late to get even 37.5 of the 40 winks we needed just to cope with the dawning of a new day and so we all rubbed the grit from our eyes and pulled the cotton wool out of our ears, or in my case several lengths of rather smelly mop, and started to prowl around the hotel looking for staff to annoy and pick on, oh and breakfast of course.